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Monday, June 15, 2009

RIP Chloe Bell

My beloved, 17 year old Chloe passed away this past Friday. Actually, we put her down. It was the sadest day. We had Chloe for 13 years. She was such a good companion to us. We had to make the VERY difficult decision to put her down. She couldn't see anything but shadow. She couldn't control her bathroom habits at all. She recently has started walking in a circle...always to the right. She couldn't be outside any longer than 5 mins. when it is hotter than 80 degrees outside. Steve accidently left her out there for about 20 minutes a couple of weeks ago and opened the back door and she was sitting there crying and couldn't use her back legs at all. Then she comes in and goes directly to the water, but is so disoriented that she would walk in the water and just stand in it not realizing it. She in general was totally disoriented. I think the breaking point for us was that Thurs. morning Steve found her laying in her own urine on the living room wood floor. There were some internal issues as well with her kidney and heart. What kind of life was she living? Not a very kind one. She would poop on the floor and walk in circles in it and would spread it all over the floor and be all over her as well. It just wasn't right to allow her to keep living that way.

We took her to the vet on Friday knowing that it would be time to put her down. The vet confirmed our fears. There is medication that can help her to walk in a straight line and help with the dizziness. But because of how disoriented she was, it wouldn't do a lot of good. So we put her down. Chloe has given us 13 years of joy and happiness, we wanted the end of her life to be with dignity. She deserved that.

We were there with her when she died. The vet and vet techs were very kind. We decided to have her seperately cremated, and they will put her remains in a wood box with her name on it. She will be back home one day this week.

Below are some pictures of her last day with us.
The last year or more she hasn't been able to jump. So we had a bed for her in the living room so she would be comfortable while being in the same room with us. She used to be a couch dog. But her old bones wouldn't allow her to jump up on it anymore.

Peyton has handeled it ok. I explained to her that Chloe was going to be with God and she would always be in our hearts. So before she and I left the house to take her to Andi's, I told her she might want to say goodbye to Chloe and give her a kiss. She did and told Chloe she loved her. She cried for a minute, but then was ok. She has cried a few more times since, but mainly asks questions about it. She keeps saying "I can't believe Chloe is never coming back". "Will Chloe be with God forever?" "I sure am going to miss Chloe". Heartbreaking. ;(

This picture kind of stinks. Because Chloe can't see anything but shadows, she didn't like to be picked up or messed with. She would see a shadow coming at her and it would scare her. So I was trying to get a picture with her and Peyton, but Chloe didn't like Peyton holding her.

We miss our Chloe. I think Murray misses her too. He seems lonely or sad. We have been giving him some extra attention though.
Thank you, Chloe, for the precious 13 years we all had together. Thank you for the unconditional love you always gave. Rest in eternal peace, sweet girl. You were loved!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The above pictures have been my life the past few weeks in a nuttshell. End of school activities, graduation, graduation parties, hanging out with Peyton...etc and etc.
Sorry folks. I have truly sucked at blogging lately. I have been ridiculously busy. I have said I have been busy in the past, but I am tellin' ya. I have been super busy. I had 1 closing last month and I have 3 closings this month. OOber busy. ;) Thus, no blogging.
Ash's end of year kindergarten thing was cute. Can't believe she is done with her first year of school. Peyton finished her 3 year old class and says every day how much she misses her friends and her teacher. Brit's graduation was grand. LONG...but nice to be there to see it. Syd is excited that summer is here and I hear she is sleeping until 11am every day. Oh the dog days of summer. How I miss that as a kid.
I have just been shuffeling Peyton to here and there and every where. Mostly Nana's house. She has been swimming a few times, and is picking it back up good. The first day was tough getting back in the groove, but after a couple of swims she is off and runnin' again. No fear at all. And we found out nana's neighbor is a certified swim instructor. WOW! Awesome. She is going to help out too. I hope Andi gets Ash in lessons soon. ANDI!!!!
Brit's grad party was good. A bit of a whoppin' for all of us and the kids. We may have had them doing too much. A fine line of making it challening and making them pass out. ha
Otherwise, folks....I really don't have much else to say. It is after midnight now, and I am tired. That's been it in a nuttshell.
Ya'll have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

short and sweet

These are pics from Peyton's end of year program at Little Blessings. Thurs. is her last day for the year. They sing songs at this program, but Peyton just stood there and didn't sing or do the hand movements. It wasn't that she was being shy, because in between songs she was yelling "HI ASHLEIGH" LOL Goofy girl.
Very busy times. Work, End of year stuff, and attending all the different "lasts" for Brittany. Amazing kid, that one She has gotten lots of scholarships. Very proud. Go brit!
Lots of work. Had a closing Tues. and another on June 1. Got an offer on a house in Bedford I listed YESTERDAY! Already an offer. WOW! Need more like that. Listed a short sale tonight. Mom might have somebody to buy her house before I ever even got it listed, and REALLY need a buyer for my listing in Keller so he can buy the short sale by mid-end of June. That would bring me great $$, so say a prayer, would ya.
Just working a lot and trying to spend a lot of time with Peyton when I can. I worked until 9pm tonight, so I got to see her for all of 10 mins. today. uggh. Gonna try and take the weekend off though. We will see if that works out. I almost don't know what I would do with myself.
Ya'll have a good week. More later.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody. I had a wonderful day. Very relaxing. Steve has done everything today. I got my favorite Entemens (sp?) donuts for breakfast. I didn't want a big breakfast since we were going to lunch. Got flowers and handmade cards and coupons for special things from Steve.

We went to lunch with my mother to Joe T. Garcia's. They were busy but didn't have to wait too long. It was very good. I then came home and took a big ol' nap! Best part of my day. ;) Woke up and Steve started preparing dinner for me and his mother who was coming over to join us. Had a nice dinner and had chocolate fondue for dessert. Yummy! AND Steve CLEANED it ALL up! Which was good, because he is one messy cook. the messier the cook the better the cook, isn't that the saying. It was very good. He did an excellent job.

Peyton kept giving me hugs and kisses telling me happy mother's day, and that she is happy I am her mommy. So sweet, that little girl. She is very loving! I just love her to pieces.

We had kind of a rough day with on Friday with her. She got a marker and wrote all up and down her arms and legs. Then proceeded to write on the carpet in her playroom! Oh man. She got in HuGE trouble. Toys thrown away, all her letters taken off of her board, she had to clean it up herself, butt spankin' (which made me cry), and time out. We were not happy with her at all.

I am just not a spanker. I don't like doing it, and I really usually don't. Steve does believe in it. and it's not that I don't believe it it...I just really don't like doing it. After it was all said and done, I was sitting in the living room and she was sitting on the couch like she was told to do, and I started to cry because I hate that she had to throw away toys and that I had to spank her. She looked and me and said, "mommy, why are you crying", and I said, "because I am sad". She knew why I was sad. She came over to me and started crying and said, "I'm sorry Mommy." "I won't do it again." I just told her, "it made me sad that she did that, and that I had to spank her and had to throw away toys because she won't take care of her things, and the home that we have." She was so upset that I was upset, that was the worst punishment she could get. I learned a lot from that episode. ;)

Anyway...Peyton really is a great kid. On this Mother's Day I am just thankful I have her and that she made me a mother. The fact that I can't have another child sucks. But, the blessing that I have is unmeasurable. God Graced me with Peyton. How lucky am I, and who am I to complain! Thank God I have her. Thank God I have Steve. The 3 of us make up our little family. All I need. The end.

Thanks to my Mom for a wonderful life. She is a pretty remarkable woman herself. With all the challenges she has faced in her lifetime, she came through with grace and glory. She is keeping herself healthy and going with the flow. Thanks, Mom for all you do and have done! We love you.

Having said all that, Happy Mother's Day to you all. Hope you all had a fabulous day whether you are a mother or not.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick's late

Went on a picnic over the weekend. These are just a few pics from that. Ash took the pic of me and peyton. ha Good time. Both girls really enjoyed it. Peyton has been begging to go on a picnic. They were ready to go after about an hour though.
I took the entire day off Saturday! It was really needed. I had to do another open house on Sun. though. uggh. So I didn't get the whole weekend off, which I do need to do soon! Be nice not to have to worry about work for a whole weekend. Was gonna try to this weekend, but ended up scheduling 2 appointments on Sat. Maybe I can take the whole day Sun. off.
Peyton story....She was walking into the other room, turned around too late and smacked her head into the wall. Started crying. Told her to come here and let me look. Tears a flowing...I kissed it and made it better. Told her she was fine but she might want to go make sure the wall was ok. She looked at the wall then looked at me and said, "mommy, actually the wall can't talk". Steve and I busted out laughing. She busted out in tears again. I asked her why she was crying, and she said "because your laughing at me". We told her, "no, we aren't laughing at you, you made a joke so we laughed." She giggled and then said, "knock, knock". LOL!!! We laughed our asses off again and so did she. Then she got serious, and said"knock knock!" hahaha Too funny. We gladly abliged with letting her finish her knock knock joke. Which is this. Knock knock. Whose there. Banana. Banana who. Banana you glad I didn't say banana head. hehe
Makes no sense. But funny.
She has been testing us lately with her attitude and a few other things. Cleaning her room, leaving her shoes out, I had to cut bubble gum out of her hair yesterday. Now she is missing a big clump of hair. Leaving her movies laying around and losing them, not listening and just all around sassing me. We now have a new time out chair set up in the dining room to make it less fun then the corner where she could see the tv. Plus I'm tired of hearing her crying in my ear.
Otherwise...staying busy. Birthday is Friday. 37. Damn, I am getting old. But so is Andi. One advantage to having a twin. You know you are not the only one getting old.
Auntie S. give Uncle Richard our love. Hear he is going to be doing chemo if he hasn't started already. We are thinking of you guys.
Have a closing on the 19th of May! Thank GOD! Been since Jan. that I got my last paycheck. Have I mentioned I need referrals!!!! Come on people! Something...anything!
Hope that satisfies the blog folk for the week.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Your weekly update from your friendly host... about it? Good week? I had a pretty good week. Friday couldn't get here soon not because it's the weekend and all that jazz...cause really what do I care if it's the weekend...I work all weekend anyway. Friday was FINALLY payday for Steve. uggh. It takes forever for the next pay period to roll around. He gets paid every 2 weeks but for 10 years we were used to getting paid every week. It has been something like 2 years we have been doing the every 2 week thing, and it just sucks. ha We were so broke all week, we had to spend the garage sale money that we made..which we were saving to go to Shreveport next month as a get a way trip for me and steve. Now we don't have it. ;( Now we can't go on our trip. ;( Man oh man. Money has been tight. There is just a lot of extra stuff going on the past month, and May...oh my gosh! Going to be even worse.

Otherwise...really nothing to tell for the week. Not a terribly busy week, but did have some good leads and work. Hey ya'll! I need referrals! Bring 'em on!

Peyton had a good week. Lots of bike riding but lots of rain too. Which made her mad that she couldn't ride her bike.

Let me see if I can find some pics I haven't put on here yet.

Ah yes...The princess sleeps. Her sweet cousin, Sydney, gave Peyton this princess mesh deal that goes over the bed. She loves it. And doesn't she look too sweet. I did have to threaten to take it down if I found her playing with it before going to bed. I walked in 3 nights in a row to check on her and she had that mesh wrapped all around her. I was scared she would tangle herself and choke or cut off bloodflow or something. So, it worked. She hasn't since I told her I would take it down. But I still frantically check on her every night.

That's all the pics I have. Maybe one day Andi will get our Easter pics to us so I can post some. ANDI!!!!!

Have a good week all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well. How was y'alls easter? Ours was great. I am sorry to admit we didn't go to church this year. We at least try to goto the program they have at my Mom's church, but didn't make that because I worked all day. And then this morning we hung out as the little family that we are. My favorite.
Saturday was an Easter egg hunt at Steve's folks church. I had to work so Steve took Peyton there. I got to work and the receptionist there said to just go. If there was a call she would call me on my cell. Our new rule is that if you are on floor duty you have to be at the office. So I took off and went to the church for a while. I kind of wish I had just stayed at work. ha I'll tell you why in a min. It was a nice surprise for Peyton because she cried when she left in the morning to go and I wasn't going too. Which made me cry. uggh. So when I showed up and surprised her and steve she was excited. I missed the egg hunt but they had bounce houses and cupcakes. Here are a few pictures to tell the rest of the story....
Soooo...Peyton was happy to see me. Playing in the bounce houses.

And picking up Easter eggs...

Posing for pictures...

Eating cupcakes...

Then the melt down. She was walking around barefoot because she was going back and forth to the different bounce houses. She stubbed her toe on the concrete and was bleeding with skin hanging off. She was crying. Ok. Don't blame her. Tried cleaning it off, she freaked. The nice lady at the church ran in and got me a band aid. K...Peyton, for some odd reason, does not like bandaids. She freaks out about them. Hasn't let me put one on her for a couple of years now. Weird fear....but a fear nonetheless. So she is screaming, freaking out, and asked her to please let me put her shoe on her. She screamed and cried. We are now into full blown meltdown. Kicking and screaming. Here is the end result of this little excursion.

Yes, Steve carrying her off kicking and screaming. She did not want to have to leave but wouldn't put her shoes on, wouldn't let us put on a bandaid, clean her wound or anything. Then she wouldn't walk to the car. So steve picked her up and carried her away. Steve's mom said she had people from the church calling her asking if she was ok later that afternoon. Oy...she is now known as the cryer. ha
She does this about once a year. This was a pretty bad one, but she has had one worse one when she was about 2. That one was BAD. Took me and Steve both to hold her down to get her in her carseat.
Other than was a nice time. I, personally was fine with having to go back to work after that. haha Let steve deal with the cranky kid. So I did. Then Steve calmed her down and she actually let him put on a bandaid when we got home!!!! I was SHOCKED!

Steve's folks wanted her to come over after the church function, but due to circumstances of our little monster freaking out, she couldn't go right away. So steve too her back later. She did very well and stayed there for dinner too. Which was nice, because after steve went with me to show a crazy man a house, (because I didn't feel safe alone), he and I went out and had Sushi. We tried a different place this time and it was very good. We tried a new one which was very spicey! Can't remember the name of it now, but wow. My stomach was burning for a few hours after. But it sure was yummy. We also finished getting all of our Easter day festivity stuff. Nice day overall.
Today, woke up and made my family some yummy Texas breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, bacon, and eggs. Steve took a picture to save the memory because I don't cook breakfast that often.

Love breakfast food, but am not enough of a morning person to get up and feel like cooking or eating for that matter. But on Easter, I will do it. Then Peyton checked out her basket and hunted easter eggs in the house. Which is a tradition we started last year.

Then after our morning festivities I saw a perfect window of opportunity for a NAP! And I took it! Not long enough, but a nap nonetheless. ;)
Off to Andi's we went for good food and our crazy easter egg hunt. It was raining earlier in the day, so we had to all wear these pretty blue booties so we didn't ruin our shoes and andi's house from the wet and sorta muddy ground. Here are some pics.

Good times. Happy Easter, and have a good week.